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Перевод: ahead speek ahead

вперед; впереди; напролом


  1. This stunned his fellow European leaders who had earlier hailed his victory as an instant step ahead for a more united Europe.
  2. For the new generation, providence meant looking ahead in this progressive sense; those who would not do so were classed as improvident.
  3. A better woodsman than he would have known from the absence of game in the ride that the verderers were not far ahead, but the Friar did not read the signs.
  4. It left him with a two-over par total of 290, ahead only of the equally out-of-form Jose-Maria Olazabal (292) of the five Europeans who had survived the 36-hole cut.
  5. Try to sober down and forget your fears as there are calmer days ahead.
  6. Go ahead!
  7. The moment Bodie received Doyle's "go ahead" call, at shortly after mid-day, he went into action, and the first move was to contact Liz Spalding.
  8. And so it was that plans went ahead.
  9. Clear of constricting walls, the prospect ahead and around can be surveyed.
  10. In this respect, Marx's anthropology seems amazingly ahead of his time.
  11. "If you want to be ahead of the market in the most favoured areas, start looking now," says Jenkins.
  12. But yesterday, on his 91st birthday, Trafford, whose wife died in sheltered accommodation four years ago, told a community nursing conference in London that, though a Tory voter all his life who thought most of what Mrs Thatcher was doing was good, he saw a danger that old people might be heading back towards the workhouse if the Government went ahead with NHS cuts and changes in community care.
  13. Even with a new economic miracle somewhere ahead, it will take years for the East Germans' standard of living to come close to that of their rich cousins.
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