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Перевод: cant speek cant

имеющий характер жаргона; принадлежащий жаргону; лицемерный; ханжеский;
косяк ; скошенный край; срезанный край; лицемерие; удар ; наклон ; наклонное положение; отклонение от прямой; толчок ; обтесанное бревно; брус ; жаргон ; арго; тайный язык; воровской жаргон; ханжество; плаксивый тон;
скашивать; наклонять; ставить под углом; опрокидываться; перевертываться; опрокидывать; перевертывать; кантовать; употреблять жаргон; ругать; говорить нараспев; клянчить; попрошайничать; быть ханжой; лицемерить; клеветать; сплетничать


  1. Patrick held both hands up in a gesture of peace, he smiled for a moment; I'm no trying to get at you personally but I just fucking feel that you cant expect the teacher to be the everything, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
  2. Trish might have found my imitation of Clive's cant amusing, but the fact remained that she was still in his power and I wasn't.
  3. All right, less cant
  5. Away with the cant of "measure not men", the idle supposition that it is the harness and not the horses that draw the chariot along.
  6. "There is real value there," says Cant.
  7. Worse, it has sought to pose, in shameful surrender to the prevalent cant and humbug of the age, as the champion of that most detestable concept, the "classless society".
  8. Following recent tests with a 176 km/h train, however, the engineers have agree that the speed through bends can be increased to 6 degrees of track tilt - or "cant deficiency", in the railways' jargon.
  9. Cliff Cant's immaculate pass down the right left a Petersfield defender off balance and sent Mark Stepney clear.
  10. "Still, he cant prove they're my boots.
  11. To confront the anger of God, not to hurl it in others' faces, but in humility to confront it ourselves, is to find a knife to cut through our pious cant, and a fire to burn up our sentimentality and our complacency.
  12. She had spurned the hypocritical cant beloved of politicians and addressed herself directly to the people, showing how well she knew them, telling them what they whispered in their hearts but dared not speak, calling their bluff!
  13. Where the boundaries of accepted thought are being crossed, there you will not find the BBC; where there is dissidence or protest, there you will not find the BBC; where there is irreverence or resistance to cant, there you will not find the BBC.

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