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Перевод: Eskimo speek Eskimo

эскимос ; эскимосский язык


  1. Also Eskimo carvings, a display of scrimshaw, glaciological information on the Poles and Antarctic ornithology. 2.30-4pm.
  2. Nelson sold the Eskimo Pie Corporation to the US Foil Company (now the Reynolds Metal Company) in 1924, but retained his affiliation: he stayed as vice-president, moving with the company to New York and to Richmond, Virginia, in the 1940s.
  3. Set in Alaska, it stars the Canadian folk-singer k. d. lang as Kotz, an orphaned Eskimo of ambiguous sexual identity and brooding potential violence, who latches on to Roswitha (Rosel Zech), a middle-aged German emigree librarian still hanging on to memories of lost happiness like the jars of preserved berries she keeps in her bedroom.
  4. Even after his retirement to Orange County, California, in 1961, Nelson continued to travel across America, promoting Eskimo Pies and inventing new ways to store and deliver frozen novelties.
  5. Even in an era of "Political Correctness" and hyper-sensitivity over racial slights, Eskimo Pie has retained its name and its logo.
  6. Its television advertisements still portray a genuine Eskimo fisherman, who proudly declares: "You know what I like about Eskimo Pie?
  7. "Even Kasmin Ltd diversified enormously from 1985-;90 into antiquities, neolithic, ancient Eskimo, tribal art and so on.
  8. Among 400 different brand names Eskimo Pie has held its own, selling half a billion bars each year.
  9. He accordingly renamed it the "Eskimo Pie" and chose the distinctive Eskimo symbol that still appears on the wrapping.
  10. The bar was patented and Nelson duly became president of the Eskimo Pie Corporation.
  11. Her name was Avavnuk; she had been an Eskimo in her life.
  12. CHRISTIAN K NELSON, the confectioner and inventor, who has died at Laguna Hills, California, aged 99, created the "choc ice" - known in America as "Eskimo Pie" - and later revolutionised the manufacture and storage of ice cream products.

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