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Перевод: Esperanto speek Esperanto

эсперанто; язык эсперанто


  1. The Human League's snappy pop songs, drum machines and synthesisers were the embodiment of "electro-pop", the new teenage esperanto; while Collins' sleek, craftsmanlike records were the perfect palliative for an older generation of listeners, turned off by punk rock, whose interest in pop music would be rekindled by the coming phenomenon of the compact disc.
  2. They show the Deee-Lite dictionary they have been compiling - nearly 400 words that includes slang from around the world, Esperanto and Deee-Lite's own language.
  3. Next door, two elderly ladies from the Esperanto Society smiled more in hope than expectation at every preterpasanto - or passer-by, as you or I might say.
  4. Fear of passing too many students is still preventing the Esperanto Teachers' Association from getting Esperanto examined as a GCE O-level subject.
  5. Tutorial Classes were firmly in the university sector and some LEAs were arranging classes which hitherto had been the preserve of the WEA, e.g. civics and esperanto, and even as early as 1936, the number was relatively substantial (see Table 4.2).
  6. Consensus politics is the game of the mealy-mouthed who are so busy having "dialogue" with everything that moves that they end up talking a language only they understand, an ecclesiastical esperanto which is alien to the outsider.
  7. Men (for it is predominantly male talk) with no other language to share gather in bars around the globe and eyes rolling skywards happily converse in football's Esperanto - "Maradona, Barnes, Belanov, Valderama, Gullit".
  8. Read The Satanic Verses, A Brief History Of Time, and The Name Of The Rose (pausing only to translate the Latin sections into Esperanto).
  9. One by-product of regarding sign languages as mutually unintelligible has been the attempt to create an international, artificial sign language, similar in aim to Esperanto.
  10. Information sheets in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Esperanto are available on each boat.
  11. Buy an audio course in Esperanto.
  12. These include Apple Computer Inc spin-off General Magic Inc with its Telescript telephony system - the "Esperanto" of personal communications according to Alain Rossmann, and the means by which various types of devices should be able to connect.

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