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Перевод: Estonia speek Estonia

[имя собственное]
Эстония [геогр.]


  1. They are produced by the Evangelical Church of Estonia and will be broadcast weekly for 18 weeks.
  2. There was an immediate countermove, however, by a group of deputies representing Estonia's large Russian minority, who announced the establishment of a committee for the defence of Soviet power which would work for either a restructured Soviet federation or else for the creation of a new state territorial formation for Estonia's Russians (i.e. separating from Estonia those areas of the republic with a majority Russian population).
  3. Confirmation classes have been televised for the first time in Estonia.
  4. Estonia's experience shows that the difficulties of introducing a new currency have been exaggerated , he says.
  5. Republican Local soviets Supreme Soviet Armenia (to be decided) due on May 20 Azerbaijan (to be decided) (to be decided) Byelorussia March 4 March 4 Estonia Dec. 10, 1989 March 18 Georgia due on June 17 (to be decided) Kazakhstan Dec. 24, 1989 March 25 Kirghizia Feb. 25 Feb. 25 Latvia Dec. 10, 1989 March 18 Lithuania (to be decided) Feb. 24 Moldavia Feb. 25 Feb. 25 Russian Federation March 4 March 4 Tadjikistan Dec. 24, 1989 Feb. 25 Turkmenia Jan. 7 Jan. 7 Ukraine March 4 March 4 Uzbekistan Feb. 18 Feb. 18 *Second round run-off elections were held generally two weeks after the first round in constituencies where contests between more than two candidates had failed to produce a winner with over 50 per cent of the vote.
  6. The laws were believed to include Lithuania's announcement last week of separate Lithuanian citizenship as well as new residence requirements for those standing for elected office in Estonia and Latvia.
  7. The fact that Estonia and the Ukraine have proposed the issue of their own currencies illustrates how the control of tax and expenditure lie at the heart of independent government.
  8. In the new year, Lithuania, together with the other two Baltic republics of Latvia and Estonia, will become economically autonomous within the Soviet Union.
  9. "By 1 January, we will be ready," says Estonia's Deputy Prime Minister in his office in the elegant pink government building, atop the hill dominating the spires and steep-sloping rooftops of the old Hanseatic heart of Estonia's capital.
  10. Ahead of us the tall pines that stretch out across the frozen plain of Estonia distinguished themselves from the snow-coated sky and earth.
  11. Selection of work by 14 contemporary Russian sculptors from studios in and around Moscow and Tallin, Estonia.
  12. Quietly, Estonia is also exploring the possibility of trading directly with other republics.

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