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эстонец ; эстонка ; эстонский язык


  1. The newly-appointed Estonian leader Vaino Valjas complained that more than 90 per cent of the republican economy was in the hands of Moscow ministries, and called for the balance to be reversed in the republic's favour.
  2. The announcment appeared timed for sessions of the Estonian and the Latvian parliaments which began in their respective capitals, Tallinn and Riga, yesterday.
  3. Estonia left the Soviet time zone and aligned itself chronologically with Finland; Christmas became a public holiday; and the republican capital, Tallinn, was given its Estonian name (with two ns rather than one) for all-union purposes.
  4. Estonian radio launched
  5. An Estonian history professor, Arnold Palm, said Balts regarded their status within the Soviet Union as "political, not juridical", and "by no means definitely established".
  6. Only 18 months ago, it was little more than a dream, the brainchild of himself and a few radical economists, blending Mr Gorbachev's plans for economic decentralisation with crystallising Estonian nationalism.
  7. The Lithuanian and Latvian Supreme Soviets, emulating the vote by their Estonian counterpart in November, adopted on Feb. 7 and 15 respectively declarations condemning the votes taken in July 1940 by their predecessors, the parliaments of independent Lithuania and Latvia, to join the Soviet Union.
  8. In an interview with the Tallinn weekly Maaleht, he said the Estonian Party would do this even though it "will obviously find itself in conflict with certain forces in the Soviet Communist Party".
  9. For November 1989 Estonian Supreme Soviet resolution declaring illegal the republic's annexation by the Soviet Union see p. 37045.
  10. Resolutions on Baltic independence - Estonian endorsement of multiparty system
  11. But before that there are other hurdles: how to reach agreement with a jealous central bureaucracy over control of "union" factories on Estonian soil, vital to the central plan.
  12. The Estonian parliament agreed to postpone discussion of provisions of its election law amid disagreement over demands by Russians for a second chamber to represent local minorities.
  13. Last week, the Estonian Parliament compromised on both fronts - but only at the price of jeopardising the alliance between nationalists and the republic's Communist Party which has hitherto allowed Estonia so nimbly to sidestep a decisive confrontation with Moscow.

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