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Перевод: escalate speek escalate

подниматься; совершать восхождение; обострять; обостряться; расширять


  1. In general we are our own worst enemies when it comes to enlarging and reinforcing our fears, so that what may have begun as a minor apprehension can escalate into a problem of mammoth proportions.
  2. "As for saying that smacking can escalate into abuse, surely that's true of emotional punishment too.
  3. Nuisance caused by travellers could escalate in Hampshire, according to the chairman, with an overspill from Wiltshire "who seem to have solved the problem of itinerants".
  4. And if this is not done the repair bill will escalate dramatically.
  5. The decision to escalate the action in Surrey for 24 hours from 7am on New Year's Eve was taken at a meeting in Redhill.
  6. The fears that the work could escalate into "genetic engineering", by which all but completely healthy babies would be terminated and parents could virtually plan the child they want are futuristic but increasingly real.
  7. Richard Dawkins and John Krebs of Oxford University suggested in 1978 that complex displays allow an animal to escalate threats gradually.
  8. Horses' emotions can rapidly escalate or change from one to another.
  9. Her mood could escalate into a screaming rage almost without warning, and for that, too, he was responsible.
  10. As unemployment began to escalate it may also have been true that those who were the first to be made redundant or were turned down for work were those who were least efficient.
  11. Her mother is now worried about this and concerned that Sally will escalate her drinking.
  12. His claims are certain to escalate into a big political scandal, following as they do new evidence linking Mrs Mandela to the murder of a prominent Soweto doctor.
  13. Creating multimedia applications will be so much more difficult than transferring data to CD-ROM, that the number of programs will not escalate in the same way.

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