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Перевод: escalating

возрастающий; растущий


  1. The police more often came under physical attack and began to respond with a steadily escalating counter-violence.
  2. THE gentlemanly war between the British Insurance and Investment Brokers Association (BIIBA) and the Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Regulatory Association (Fimbra) appears to be escalating.
  3. PRESIDENT Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania last night defied international condemnation of the massacre of demonstrators by his security forces at the weekend as reports indicated tens of thousands had again taken to the streets of in Timisoara, escalating the crisis.
  4. Today a main thrust of Moscow's security policy is to eliminate the possibility of crises escalating; pressing economic priorities push it towards cutting defence spending and integrating with the world economy.
  5. Dr John Wright, the director of the CEGB's technology planning and research division, stressed last week that this would give the board considerable "flexibility" over future reprocessing options "in the event that BNFL's costs seem to be escalating."
  6. Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) were established in the USA in an attempt to control the escalating costs of health care.
  7. So contrasting is it that one may wonder whether its adherents are looking at the same thing at all: "As the eighties unfold, humanity faces a worldwide shortage of productive cropland, acute land hunger in many countries, escalating prices for farmland almost everywhere"
  8. At times, when they were tired and worn down by Iran's ever escalating requests, the Americans were ready to promise almost anything to get the hostages out.
  9. Our long term plans had been affected by reduced income over Christmas and escalating costs.
  10. He cannot see why cash which has earned him monthly interest running into five figures should be squandered for the sake of a perceived way of life that is now beset by escalating economic and political pressure.
  11. MICHAEL Green, boss of London's new weekday TV station Carlton, yesterday fired off another broadside in the escalating row over the Government's ban on ITV company mergers.
  12. The interactive nature of marriage means that such actions can have escalating effects.
  13. There was also a recognition of the problems of escalating expenditure with, no or inadequate, commensurate improvements in services ("doing better, feeling worse") and the need for stricter limits on spending.

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