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Перевод: escalation speek escalation

эскалация ; расширение; увеличение масштабов; обострение


  1. Once arms sales were introduced - originally, ingenuously, as a sign of "good faith" between the countries - there would be no end to the escalation of demands.
  2. This ominous escalation of tension has come amid reports that the rail blockade of Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh by Azerbaijan - partially lifted at least in recent days - has been re-imposed after fresh violence.
  3. AN ESCALATION of the Intifada in this direction would serve two purposes at once.
  4. Entering the third year of the Intifada, it is more than ever clear that time is of the essence: how to keep it going long enough at a level which does not yield to the temptations of ruinous, reciprocal escalation, but still disturbs the outside world enough to get them to bring the Israeli extremists to heel.
  5. The escalation in costs is certain to shake the confidence of private investors who have spent 1bn on the project.
  6. Significant opposition from the Miners' Union over high cost capacity cuts, new escalation of anti-nuclear hostilities, worsening relations with the Soviet bloc: any of these factors could significantly affect West Germany's energy future.
  7. Ambulance union leaders fight to stifle escalation.
  8. Numbers are declining because of the removal of the calf subsidy, the level of calf prices and the rapid escalation in fodder prices, leading to a substantial drop in profit levels.
  9. Ambulance escalation.
  10. The Deterrers were gradually drawn into the relentless escalation of the weapons race by the logic of their beliefs.
  11. In the last fifteen years successive laws have provided a continuing escalation in racism, irrespective of the government which brought them in.
  12. Western diplomats said the presence of paramilitary groups from Serbia indicated a dangerous escalation of the conflict in Bosnia.
  13. Armed soldiers were reported to be patrolling the streets of Bucharest and the capital's students were said to be voicing solidarity with the protesters in the north of the country, in what appeared to be a menacing escalation of the crisis.

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