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Перевод: escalator speek escalator



  1. On my way to the District and Circle platform I pass a notice stating that an escalator is out of service.
  2. I cough up and march towards the escalator.
  3. Canada also proposed an escalator clause for an airline to increase services if its aircraft were more than 65 per cent full.
  4. In Jez Welsh's Forest Fires (1983-;90), the key auditory experience is that of the viewer's feet trampling over woodland debris on the gallery floor; Tina Keane's Escalator (1988) invites an almost architectural experience, as you walk through, below, behind and around the multiple screens.
  5. On the next level, once again both down-escalators are out of service and once again the stationary escalator is littered with rubbish.
  6. All he saw was the street under his feet; the escalator at the station suddenly yawning under him; the signs in yellow paint saying: "DANGER".
  7. As she descended the escalator towards the platforms, she noticed the digital clock in the ceiling.
  8. On this day: Peterborough Cathedral was consecrated, 1238; Miles Coverdale's translation of the Bible was published, 1535; William Smith founded the Boys Brigade, Glasgow 1883; the first public escalator was opened, Earl's Court underground station 1911; Hitler and Mussolini met at the Brenner Pass, 1940; the USSR launched Sputnik 1, the world's first artificial satellite, 1957; the first transatlantic passenger jet service started operating, 1958; USSR's Lunik III, took the first close-up pictures of the moon, 1959; Pope Paul VI visited New York, the first pope to visit America, 1965.
  9. A woman pulls a boy child by his little hand toward the escalator leading down to the Piccadilly Line.
  10. This is the site of productive tension in Tina Keane's Escalator , poised between corporeality and virtuality, politics and aesthetics, Symbolic and Imaginary in its account of homelessness as actuality and metaphor.
  11. These are common: the night after King's Cross a hoax caller reported a fire on an Underground escalator.
  12. With the conference appearing doomed to collapse over the issue of the fifth freedom, Canada made a last-ditch effort to save the situation by proposing the first four freedoms, and one weekly round-trip flight that could be increased under an escalator clause of 65 per cent capacity and over.
  13. Walk up escalator on way to work.

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