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Перевод: escapade speek escapade

смелая проделка; веселая проделка; шальная выходка; авантюра ; эскапада ; побег


  1. She slept, with something of her old determination, in order to be awake when he came; and often she wanted to talk: about Bruges; about the past; about all the foolish exploits that had made Claes the apprentice notorious - the jokes with the gun and the waterwheel; the chases, the skating; the escapade with the ostrich.
  2. He had never stuttered before, neither during his humiliating initiation into the Lordly Phantasms, nor on any subsequent hazardous escapade with them.
  3. Because of his Dublin escapade, however, Sandy said he'd have to go to Monte Carlo, the next tournament.
  4. He could still recall the sense of dread that hung over him for days as he waited to be thrashed for that escapade.
  6. The court at Witham, Essex, banned him from driving until 1995 for his escapade.
  7. What happened when he faced his wife and when the husband of the lady in question, who was in the Forces, heard of her escapade, didn't reach the papers.
  8. For this escapade we had to go to Birmingham for the weekend.
  9. But nor does it matter; "our club" will have been seething with talk for days, and "I" am bound to have heard about Stavrogin's escapade.
  10. His bruised hand was greatly admired and his escapade in Mucky Beck accepted as a terrific adventure.
  11. Directed by Val May, this archly absorbing escapade also features Deborah Watling (Emma Kent), and Rowland Davies as the police inspector with an eye for apprehension.
  12. Maybe that was what started me on chemistry - or at least led to my being a participant one 5 November in filling the iron pots along the portico of UCL with coloured fire, an escapade that led to our being "carpeted" by Sir Charles Goodeve (plain Charlie he was then, and himself in much demand at departmental soires for his rendering of Canadian College cheers).
  13. A more ambitious escapade took Johnny Blunt and a friend on a hitchhike from London to Glasgow.

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