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Перевод: escaped



  1. It seems to have escaped him that we already have.
  2. The year before, 1820, Joss had had an accident with gunpowder, which, although his eyes escaped injury, disfigured his face, so that he looked "like an old man of 60."
  3. It had not escaped the Brownies' sharp eyes that Mr. Gordon turned up near the close of each Pack Meeting and made himself very charming to Brown Owl.
  4. Prince Rupert managed to fight his way towards London and having reached Brentford, he decided to try to capture London and whilst his troops were encamped on Kew Green, they learned from a maid from a riverside inn (The Bull) that Oliver Cromwell was holding a council of war there, so he despatched some horsemen to capture Cromwell, but the "Round Heads" kept the horsemen at bay until Cromwell had escaped in a boat to the island in the river closeby , which island has been called "Oliver Isle" ever since.
  5. So they escaped down into the village.
  6. His followers now escaped as best they could.
  7. Such thoughts have not escaped so consummate a politician as Mr Takeshita.
  8. Eight years later, Bambi escaped and fled to Canada.
  9. Upon the intervention of a butcher and his mastiff dog, one of the bulls escaped into the town where it tossed men, women and children.
  10. They said it had been captive but had escaped."
  11. "The only matter which you have brought to our attention, sir, which seems to have escaped everyone else's notice was the - er - untimely mention of the footbell."
  12. She may have emerged from the burrow system unnoticed and either slipped away under cover or escaped into an adjoining burrow system.
  13. No detail escaped them.

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