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Перевод: escarpment speek escarpment

откос ; крутость ; крутой откос; эскарп [воен.]


  1. He drove leisurely up the country lane and ascended the hill, before bearing left along the escarpment.
  2. At nightfall they set off down the escarpment and in holiday mood were soon bowling merrily along the coast road.
  3. Above me the reddish escarpment and the red stone of the terraces contrasts with all the fresh greens sketched in long lines.
  4. Melot's Arab spy was engaged to guide everyone to the Wadi Fetilia which was the only practical route down the escarpment on to the coastal plain.
  5. Scrambling up the escarpment leading into the mountain ridge of the Jebel, David was forced to call a halt, saying that he was feeling unwell.
  6. Three cavalry companies gave pursuit, but were scattered when the warriors turned to defend a lava escarpment.
  7. Through the woods and landscaped parklands of one of England's great country houses, rising to the ridge of the Howardian Hills - a gentle escarpment overlooking the Vale of Pickering and the North York Moors.
  8. One of our walks took us to the top of a huge escarpment at a place called Losiolo, or World's View.
  9. They would lie up the following day along the rocky escarpment which ran parallel to the coastal plain to observe their targets, the airfields at Timimi and Gazala.
  10. To legitimise their activities in Lebanon, the PLO could point to the 1969 Cairo agreement, a dubious document drawn up in Egypt between Arafat and the Lebanese army commander which permitted any Palestinian in Lebanon "to participate in the Palestinian revolution" and to assist in guerrilla operations by safeguarding "the road to the Arkoub region", the great volcanic escarpment in south-east Lebanon that was now largely controlled by Arafat's Fatah gunmen.
  11. He ordered Sergeant Yates to take the bulk of the party to the rendezvous, while he himself set off to reconnoitre the escarpment with Sergeant Tait.
  12. A traveller reaching the edge of the escarpment is "surprised and delighted to behold, extended like a map beneath him, a country differing absolutely from that which he has passed through
  13. This monolith sat atop an escarpment which accommodated the raking of the auditorium and the levelled hardcore of a car park, and cast its long shadow over an adjacent bit of parkland, a cosy corner of scrub, stream and wood that drew me and my friends to it like a magnet.

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