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Перевод: eschew speek eschew

избегать; сторониться; остерегаться; воздерживаться от


  1. We eschew mathematical or linguistic (at least of the propositional kind) coding and tun to our feeling response.
  2. The ANC does not like this fact to be mentioned, because it purports to eschew tribalism in favour of an all-embracing black nationalism.
  3. You would, I know, be the first to agree that, if the critics base themselves on fact and eschew the attractions of hindsight, such criticism is valuable.
  4. Perrier's French television advertisements eschew weighty health talk in favour of Gallic schmaltz.
  5. Napoleon III was an innovator, not merely a man of his time but frequently one who was ahead of it, and so he was determined that his Court would deliberately eschew the rigid exclusivity which was the hallmark of the traditional European court structure.
  6. The government is getting much better value for its money, he claims, from Jobclubs which offer the unemployed services such as free telephones and confidence-boosting sessions, but which eschew training.
  7. Most parents eschew diplomacy completely when dealing with their children, and opt for the Jimmy Cagney approach.
  8. Education must, at all costs, eschew all tendencies or even appearances of a commitment to the maintenance and reproduction of the unjust social order and undemocratic value system to the overthrow of which we sacrificed so much in the struggle.
  9. Embryos have their own logic and all too often eschew tidiness; there is an element of all three mechanisms involved.
  10. Degrs (1960) is in fact the last of Butor's works to be labelled a novel; the remainder of his output is difficult to classify in generic terms, as his writings seem to eschew any narrational impulse.
  11. He will not, though, totally eschew the double-handed style.
  12. He would, however, eschew the public streets.
  13. The case for women to eschew marriage was, of course, made most forcefully by Mary Astell who, unlike Roxana, was not inclined to consider the merits of being a mistress.

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