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Перевод: escort speek escort

охрана ; эскорт ; конвой ; прикрытие; свита ; сопровождение; провожатый ;
сопровождать; эскортировать; конвоировать


  1. His weakness for girls from an escort agency run by an old friend of Jack's had cost him dear over the years.
  2. While the Feldwebel was talking to the driver of the car, the little soldier who was coming as an additional escort stood by the suitcase.
  3. How could a working boy understand how a police escort had to be summoned in South America because there was such a large mob shouting and cheering for the "Ingleses", or appreciate an imitation of Josephine Baker?
  4. We have put out to tender the contract for prison escort services, an approach which has worked well in other countries.
  5. "Furious" then sailed for Tail o' the Bank to pick up our Atlantic anti-submarine escort.
  6. But if things have got that bad, one way of forgetting your problems would be through the attentions of workers from Angels Escort Agency in Chelsea.
  7. They made their way back, not to the abbey but the castle, Corbett sending ahead one of his escort to ask Wishart for an audience and when they arrived the old, foxy-faced Bishop was waiting for them in his now sweltering chambers, though still swathed in fur-trimmed robes.
  8. The extra goes on power steering (again, any Escort suffers badly without it), alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, catalytic converter, body kit and a paint choice other than white or red.
  9. Nails took his usual Ford Escort that night from the parking lot outside the gasworks where the night shift was working, the one he had a key for, and he and Gary went for a drive round the back streets where they wouldn't meet a patrol car, out into the country for ten miles or so and back again.
  10. Mr Hubbard said two people in a blue Ford Escort car had pulled alongside Flook and threatened him before the accident.
  11. He says that the Iranians had planned to have one of their frigates intercept Clarion Call on the approaches of the Strait of Hormuz, to provide safe escort.
  12. And you couldn't get an escort girl for that
  13. Your report on the Escort LX (3 October) must be one of the most peculiar pieces of motoring journalism ever published.

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