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Перевод: escrow speek escrow

условное депонирование денежной суммы у третьего лица на чье-л. имя


  1. The board holds the funds in escrow for five years, during which it releases amounts only for attorney's fees, and in some cases, for expenses incurred in earning the literary income.
  2. Each Clipper Chip will have two separate keys, both of which are needed to crack the transmissions, and will be held in separate "escrow databases", by different agencies - but the question is, who exactly will these agencies be?
  3. One of the most colourful figures to testify was a Maryland escrow agent Marilyn Harrell, who revealed that she had used an estimated 5,500,000 in federal funds to buy houses and cars for poor families, to pay off mortgages, and to set up construction companies.
  4. They were understood also to have considered Iraqi objections to a proposal to export oil through Turkey see p. 38548, with a pipeline fee of US264,000,000 to be paid directly to the Turkish company, Botas, from the UN's planned escrow account.
  5. They were reported to have ended with an agreement involving the appointment of an Iraqi representative on the UN escrow fund managing oil revenues, and permission for Iraq to send observers to oversee oil-pumping operations alongside UN inspectors.
  6. Interest would meanwhile be paid into an escrow account.
  7. One of the most demanding of Harris's standard contract terms involves the vendor's commitment to provide, under escrow if necessary, a copy of the product's source code with the purchase.
  8. Overseas debtors and any others over 90 days to be held in escrow or subject to a specific warranty.
  9. Interest on the moneys held in escrow will follow the principal.
  10. The executed legal charge was sent to Warrens to be held, in escrow, pending completion.
  11. The Board is obliged to publicise the escrow account the balance of which is paid to the person if he or she is not convicted or at the end of the five year period.
  12. Deferred consideration or amounts paid into escrow;
  13. million of this is to be released immediately and the balance of million will be held in escrow and released following agreement of the completion accounts.

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