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Перевод: esoteric speek esoteric

тайный; известный лишь посвященным; скрытый; неясный;


  1. While the same accusation was not explicitly levelled against ZBB, the complexity of the procedures, the esoteric nature of the terminology, the potential for overwhelming paperwork and the inapplicable nature of several of the key concepts oppose acceptability.
  2. It is seen as an esoteric process designed to confuse many of its legitimate users.
  3. Later there were bands like The Vibrators, The Stranglers and The Hammersmith Gorillas, horrors one and all, but pride of place in the pub rock pantheon went to Wilko Johnson's Dr Feelgood and the wonderfully esoteric Kilburn And The High Roads, featuring Ian Dury and kitted out courtesy of Let It Rock.
  4. It has drawn up a list of some 30 technical consultants, with interests ranging from marine science to energy, which the bank will call in for advice on esoteric projects that it is asked to fund.
  5. He has been described as "eccentric" but esoteric might have been a more suitable word.
  6. It would be easy to dismiss "softing" as an esoteric corner of the stock market which could be ignored, if it did not account for one deal in every six.
  7. So, if modern orthodox astronomy seems esoteric and omniscient, let's erect alternative theories of astronomy that are no less esoteric, and which challenge the claim to omniscience.
  8. Foolishly, I had not bothered to carry out any of the psychic protective techniques I had been taught as a "probationer healer" at a school of esoteric studies.
  9. The films were inevitably foreign and subtitled, and even if we didn't understand them it was as though through exposure to some cinematic photosynthesis we would absorb the esoteric and become all the better intellectually for it.
  10. (Not necessarily a good thing as McCullouch, esoteric as always, often attached a McCullouch stigma to his favoured acts.
  11. To say that the terminology at B.P. was cryptic resembles the old lady's comment that she is suffering from a "gastric stomach"; but there was an esoteric language to be learned.
  12. At first sight both the earlier and later languages of blazon appear somewhat esoteric, but they readily yield up their secrets, being based on a comparatively small vocabulary, the words of which describe quite accurately both the colours (tinctures), layout, and principal devices used in armorial design.
  13. A third department mentioned the usefulness of a library in providing the full text of esoteric articles.

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