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Перевод: espalier speek espalier

шпалеры ; шпалерник


  1. And ruddy Pears in yon Espalier twine.
  2. After that they become too tall to manage easily, although dealing with a tall espalier growing flat on a wall is a breeze compared to pruning a bush tree of the same height.
  3. A three-tiered espalier stands at about 4ft; five tiers will reach around 7ft.
  4. The hardy apple tree variety "Ellison's Orange", grown as an espalier
  5. The final garden section has been screened off neatly with espalier fruit and given over to salad crops and utility elements such as a shed, a compost area and an incinerator (essential ingredients in most compositions).
  6. Paths give access here while espalier fruit can be both productive and a real space saver in a small garden.
  7. If arranged along a low wire or rail like a single espalier, they can be trained as long dwarf hedges around borders and vegetable beds.
  8. Peonies and the smaller varieties of shrubs grew in a long border, stuffed with other treasures and backed by apple trees, grown espalier.
  9. An espalier is another form of tree with restricted growth.
  10. Complete summer pruning of cordon and espalier apples trees
  11. A 5ft espalier is just the right height for pruning

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