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Перевод: especial speek especial

особенный; особый; специальный; исключительный


  1. And they had especial value because the other evidence for the nature of primitive man, the "manners and customs of modern savages", was fast disappearing too.
  2. Especial athletic prowess was rewarded by a tube of Smarties, all got a wine gum for their efforts.
  3. She occupied a well-furnished chamber close to the lady Anne's apartments, and was given a wardrobe of new clothes which was an especial delight.
  4. They mark especial favours from the sovereign, for although ordinary grants of arms can be purchased (subject always to the Earl Marshal's pleasure and discretion), an augmentation cannot, for its bestowal is in effect a royal warrant under the hand and seal of the reigning monarch.
  5. Four players had especial reason to remember the Oval game: two scored double centuries, one took fourteen wickets and one became the leading Test wicket-keeper.
  6. Of granite, which he has used in dressings around the doors and windows, he wrote: "Especial care is required to make the mouldings of a broad, bold and massive, rather than a small or delicately undercut character, and to avoid as far as possible anything like minuteness and pettiness in the finish."
  7. My father had one especial hero: William III, King of Great Britain and Ireland and Prince of Orange.
  8. He speaks with especial bitterness about the integrity of select committees and their chairmen!
  9. There had been no attempt to make these signatures credible; the words "for my Dear and especial Boy, with affectionate regards from Mr Arthur Bloxam" appeared across a faded nineteenth-century portrait; but they also appeared scrawled lavishly across a portrait of an eighteen-year-old boxer torn from the sports pages of a recent newspaper.
  10. The oval area from where Simon Cormack had been standing when he died to the point where he stopped rolling, at the heart of the larger circle, was treated with especial care.
  11. Taking up the strands of the existing conversation, and wishing to demonstrate a point, he slowly poured his coffee over his piece of pulpy apple pie with the over-elaborate air of a novice waiter serving some especial and expensive delicacy.
  12. The container, on the other hand, with his tendency to dissociate, "has an especial need to unify himself in an undivided love", but finds the simpler personality of his partner does not complement and satisfy the diverse facets of his own.
  13. This may involve a narrowing of consciousness, a division of awareness into a more- and a less-focal area, a widening of consciousness until it has no especial object, or a flickering of consciousness when steady attending is for some reason precluded.

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