e ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en eo ep eq er es et eu ev ew ex ey

Перевод: especially speek especially

особенно; главным образом; специально; сугубо


  1. AS THE biggest housebuilder and quarrier in the country, Tarmac was not going to escape serious trouble, especially as it is big in the similarly hard-hit eastern United States, too.
  2. The voyeur, in controlling the gaze, is to some extent in control of the action before his eyes, especially if the action relates to a supposedly inferior or primitive civilisation.
  3. Group identity, as Karl Hufbauer shows in his recent book The Formation of the German Chemical Community (New Scientist , 17 March, p 744) has shown, can be a powerful force in rejecting a new theory, especially if it was a "passing french fad" and some thing typical of the "flighty French".
  4. It is a more muscular breed and, though the emphasis has always been slightly in favour of milk rather than meat, the breed is continually tested for growth and food conversion rates, especially as veal production is important.
  5. This mistake is commonly made, especially in the case of Black Mollies (remember they do prefer saline conditions) and commonly also with Blackmoors in which case protozoal parasites or skin flukes are usually the culprits.
  6. When I was four years old the book reads: "Very fond of dressing up, especially in an old nylon nightdress" - "the princess dress"
  7. In the clinical area, learners develop their practical and social skills, but at the same time develop a full sense of responsibility, especially if given the guidance and support they need to become safe and competent practitioners.
  8. Some cold walls, especially in old houses with solid walls, draw atmospheric moisture to them, rather as windows do.
  9. Family therapy will be of most use with young self-poisoners (Richman 1979), although occasionally it can be appropriate with adult attempters, especially if the attempt has brought to light disturbed family dynamics and other family members are willing to participate in treatment.
  10. There would then follow a quantity of directives relating most especially to handicrafts - knitting, crocheting, macram - skills Fru Mller had studiously avoided, let alone perfected.
  11. Anything with a drug-like action, such as coffee, tea, wine (especially red wine), beer, spirits or other drugs, is also a prime suspect, especially in the case of colic.
  12. More than 350 fabric swatches were knitted and photographed especially for the book, many of them the author's own invention.
  13. Unastounding today, his openness shocked and perplexed the establishment and anti-drug abuse authorities at the time, especially in the panic-stricken aftermath of Sharon Tate and other horrendous drug-related deaths of that time, including Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

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