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шпионаж ; шпионство


  1. The Berlin intelligence scene was dominated by one of the most charismatic figures in post-war espionage - General Reinhard Gehlen.
  2. Hidden inside WS C is a well-organized industrial espionage section - run by an unpleasant character with a dubious background.
  3. On 20 April 1964 Lonsdale was exchanged for a British businessman, Greville Wynne, who had become involved in espionage and been imprisoned in Russia.
  4. In 1921, for example, we find the police warning against setting up a "continental system of domestic espionage" in Britain (p. 6) Even SIS, which had designs on MI5 in 1945, shied away from the latter's counter-subversive functions, so as not to be "associated with the idea of an internal Gestapo, (p. 177) No wonder governments are nervous of too much openness in this area.
  5. The KGB has three main tasks: maintaining state security within the country, guarding Russia's borders and conducting foreign espionage operations.
  6. Other ITV companies are also looking for partners - frightened of industrial espionage, one firm recently swept its London offices for listening devices.
  7. In Britain there are three main intelligence organisations: Military Intelligence, Department Five (MI5), responsible for counter-intelligence within Britain; Military Intelligence, Department Six (MI6), often referred to as the Secret Intelligence Service, responsible for espionage abroad; and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is responsible for the security of the British government's own communications and intercepting those of other countries.
  8. It has two organisations, Mossad Le Aliyah Beth (Institution of Intelligence and Special Services), responsible for external espionage, and Shin Beth (the Security and Counter Espionage service), which looks after internal security.
  9. A higher degree of espionage
  10. The chief task of MI5 between 1939 and 1945 was to counter German espionage and sabotage in Britain and the empire.
  11. Although from the way the Americans complain one would imagine such treachery is solely a British disease, more than 30 American citizens have been recently convicted of serious espionage offences.
  12. There was also a strange security operation against a journalist following disclosures about espionage devices ("Zircon") in the New Statesman .
  13. He was arrested shortly after his arrival and was detained without trial until September when he was sentenced to ten years' hard labour for alleged espionage.

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