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Перевод: esplanade speek esplanade

эспланада ; площадка для прогулок


  1. Many of the seafront hotels on the long esplanade have become nursing homes or been demolished for cliff-like apartment blocks with their individual balconies looking out to sea.
  2. Situated on Scarborough's South Cliff close to the Esplanade and its magnificent views of the South Bay, this small, well appointed hotel offers you theatre ticket, overnight accommodation and full English breakfast for just 22.50.
  3. We book them into the Seaview and the Esplanade and give them a comradely nosh-up at the Claremont.
  4. Carpets were drenched with alcohol and condoms were scattered around his room, said a spokesman for Berlin's Grand Hotel Esplanade which is sending the bill to Kennedy's record company EMI.
  5. Beach and esplanade include croquet, tennis and water sports centre.
  6. But with business concluded, the convention changes gear and, from Thursday on, everyone is in full motley and a gigantic free-wheeling circus takes over the town, with clowns doing their stuff along the esplanade, at the railway station, on the buses, in the streets, pubs, restaurants and takeaways, as well as under the big top and in the conference centre.
  7. According to Foujita, the dealer's "method" was "to sit reading a paper on the esplanade or to go into hotels, presumably with a rendezvous with a duke or some important person, but nothing came of all this".
  8. The pass is not a permit to park on or near the esplanade and is valid ONLY ON THE DATE SHOWN.
  9. Passes may be issued which will allow access by car, coach or ambulance tot he esplanade, but they CANNOT BE ISSUED for performances on Saturdays under any circumstances.
  10. We lined up across the broad esplanade between the Prime Minister's Office and the clear Caribbean Sea.
  11. And just to prove further that things never change the Oban Town Council were arguing about a slipway and boat park and whether to set land aside for an Esplanade
  12. This was the terminus of the railway from Funchal, and the Chalet-Restaurant Esplanade was built by the railway company, having been opened in 1912.
  13. A pass will permit the bearer to transport wheelchair patrons on to the esplanade AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF THE PERFORMANCE.

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