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Перевод: espousal speek espousal

участие; поддержка идеи ; обручение; свадьба


  1. Ruskin's espousal of a craftsmanly aesthetics, Robinson points out, is grounded in Christian convictions about the humility proper to a fallen creature: lacking such grounds, Pound's holding to the craftsmanly not only seems arbitrary and unargued, it is as often presumptuous as humble.
  2. Labour's decline coincides with - and was almost certainly caused by - its failures in government, its ever-closer ties to the union and its espousal of "true socialism".
  3. Given Labour's espousal of the goal of a united Ireland, albeit by the consent of the people, it is hard to believe any accommodation could be reached with the Ulster Unionists.
  4. It was far short of unambiguous espousal, even though it upset the old planners.
  5. THE Government has a clever knack of stealing other people's clothes, never more so than in its espousal of "active citizenship" as a desirable virtue.
  6. His espousal of Blast closed to him just those doors that were on the point of opening; and twenty years later, when he desperately wanted such access to the power-wielding centres of society, he was condemned to the world of fantasy in which he thought he could influence United States policy by way of such unlikely intermediaries as Senators Borah and Bankhead, and Italian policy by way of Ubaldo degli Uberti.
  7. Peaceful demonstrators were vulnerable if their espousal of an unpopular cause moved to violence a hostile crowd or those who saw the message as threatening or insulting.
  8. The basic trouble is that the Palestinians' historic espousal of "moderation" has not won its indispensable and commensurate Israeli response.
  9. Peel's stance in relation to economic liberalism seems more promising, but in terms of his relationship to the Conservative canon two things are worthy of note: first, Peel's espousal of liberal economics resulted in the bulk of the Conservative Party deserting him; and second, the most authoritative appraisal of Peel's career has concluded that "Peel was not the founder of the Conservative party but was the progenitor of Gladstonian Liberalism".
  10. Common law marriage or simple espousal allowed women to retain financial independence By definition, of course, women at the lower levels of society would have had fewer assets to control.
  11. Lloyd George's attempt to wrest the initiative for his party by a bold espousal of Keynesian economics had failed in the 1929 general election.
  12. Nobody in the SDLP criticised Currie for his espousal of Thatcherism or for the fact that he stood against and defeated a Labour candidate to get into the Dail.
  13. Ignore for a moment the contradiction in the Prime Minister's simultaneous espousal of an essentially unaccountable German Bundesbank system for future European monetary union and her insistence that the Delors plan for EMU violates Parliamentary control of EC decision making.

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