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Перевод: espouse speek espouse

жениться; выдавать замуж; женить; поддерживать; признавать; отдаваться


  1. But to interpret decoding in this way would be to espouse behaviourism and to by-pass consciousness altogether.
  2. So those who espouse equal opportunity need to elaborate its purpose.
  3. Apart from the Soviet Union and its satellites in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania), Albania and China, more than twenty countries in the Third World subscribe to an official Marxist outlook (including Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia , Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Mauritania, Mozambique, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Vietnam, the PLO in Palestine and SWAPO in South West Africa); and many more, although not officially Marxist, espouse various forms of socialism derivative of Marxism.
  4. This is the challenge of real democracy; it's very simple to espouse freedom of expression only for those you agree with.
  5. Mr David Waddington, the responsible Minister, lamented that "parliamentary accountability is an easy cause always to espouse".
  6. He must hope (he can do no more) that his home state will espouse his claim and pursue it on his behalf.
  7. But this is not because she has suddenly decided to espouse the hereditary principle.
  8. We invoke the name of Omnipotence, humbly imploring his power and approbation; to our countrymen we say, cease from your ribbons and banners; support party struggles no more; leave them to die, to exhaust themselves; support those men of all parties who will espouse and maintain the good old rule of Christianity we must ourselves be the great instrument of our regeneration.
  9. To support manslaughter liability in these cases one would have to espouse the draconian principle that a person should be held liable for all the consequences of any wrongful act.
  10. I doubt if it's fashionable, and it's probably not politically correct to espouse or approve of this kind of attitude these days.
  11. Sometimes those who espouse notions of equal opportunity in education confuse that expression of intent with providing the same for everyone, which of course is a denial of equal opportunity.
  12. If Hong Kong does espouse democracy, Martin Lee will be unbeatable.
  13. Or again, someone may honestly put himself under the lordship of Christ yet at the same time adhere to a Christian lifestyle or espouse Christian values which by temperament or nationality he would be likely to appreciate anyway.

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