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Перевод: espy speek espy

увидеть; завидеть издалека; заметить издалека; обнаружить; неожиданно обнаружить; выслеживать


  1. She had only to watch the porter's moves next day to learn the times when he visited his charge, and espy where the two keys of the penal cells hung side by side in the gatehouse.
  2. Corals: 6-;1 Espy, 8-;1 Major Match, 10-;1 Anti Matter, 12-;1 Another Coral, Guiburn's Nephew, Hogmanay, New Halen, Pat's Jester, Pegwell Bay, 14-1 others.
  3. While Martin Pipe could have a couple of Lingfield winners in Celcius and Lonely Reef, his regular jockey, Peter Scudamore, has been claimed by Charlie Brooks, who hopes to have a double at Uttoxeter with Espy and Roscoe Harvey.
  4. Elected to Congress for the state of Mississippi in 1986, Espy, 39, was the state's only black legislator to have been elected in the 20th century.
  5. While Scudamore can score on Martin Pipe's Galwex Lady in the Burton Rubber Company Hurdle, I doubt if Espy will give 5lb to Rolling Dice, a very promising chasing recruit.
  6. But the Barbarians were all right, something to be remembered when you espy pot-bellied, spikey-haired British youth this Friday.
  7. William Hill: 8-;1 Another Coral and Espy, 9-;1 Major Match, 10-;1 Anti Matter, 11-;1 Pegwell Bay, 12-;1 Clever Folly, Hogmanay, Pat's Jester and Toranfield, 14-;1 others.
  8. Ladbrokes bet: 6-;1 Espy, 8-;1 Anti Matter, 10-;1 Pegwell Bay, New Halen and Another Coral, 12-;1 others.
  9. Mike Espy (Agriculture).
  10. Trainer Charlie Brooks has warned that ante-post favourite Espy could miss Saturday's Mackeson Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

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