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эсквайр ; нетитулованный дворянин; господин ; помещик ; местный адвокат; местный судья; мировой судья; галантный кавалер; сквайр ; оруженосец ; оруженосец рыцаря


  1. Among the various photographs, signed albums and items of slightly soiled clothing are an impressive number of guitars, including an ex-Jimi Hendrix white Gibson SG; Duane Allman's 1954 Fender Stratocaster, serial number 0019; Bill Wyman's trademark Framus bass; a Les Paul donated by Les Paul; a special edition Strat from Hank Marvin; Duane Eddy's signature-model Guild semi-acoustic; a Gibson SG from Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger; Joe Walsh's custom-built Greco Flying V; John Entwistle's custom "Fenderbird" bass; Ronnie Lane's 12-string Zemaitis resonator guitar; other Strats courtesy of George Harrison and Keith Richards and, would you believe, Jeff Beck's 1957 Fender Esquire.
  2. Slipshod Esquire.
  3. Esquire, as it has taken form in America, has been an avid chronicler of games and the people who play them for all of its fifty-eight years.
  4. Next month, exclusively in Esquire:
  5. Take a closer look at the Esquire special offer for April.
  6. The procession which opens the ceremony includes academic staff of the University, Deans of Faculties, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Honorary Graduands and Public Orators, the Senior Officers and finally the University Marshal, Esquire Bedell (the Mace-Bearer) and the Chancellor.
  7. Esquire Offer
  8. You will meet the Esquire Editors, and our fashion editor Marion Hume will be there to give you personal advice on how to put your looks together.
  9. To order, please complete the coupon below and send it with a UK cheque/PO (not cash) to: Esquire Hip-flask Offer, Offer Number 5 and/or Esquire Binoculars Offer, Offer Number 6, PO Box 6, Kettering, Northants NN15 5JW.
  10. To receive your ticket (admits two), please phone Katie Wohlrab, Esquire, 071 439 5306).
  11. The linking of sexual enjoyment with social status also proved a golden formula for Hugh Hefner, who had failed as a cartoonist and copy-writer on Esquire in Chicago and was doing none too well as a promoter of a magazine called Children's Activities .
  12. Alex Finer is the Editor of Esquire
  13. In keeping with our desire to acquaint British readers with selected Esquire landmarks, we're proud to present this intimate look at our greatest champion.

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