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очерк ; этюд ; эссе; набросок ; попытка ; проба ; опыт ;
подвергать испытанию; испытывать; пытаться


  1. Christopher Butler takes After the Wake (1980) as the title of his "Essay on the Contemporary Avant Garde".
  2. Darwin tells us that he was spurred on to commit his theory about the mutability of species to paper by having read Thomas Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population .
  3. (That student's essay, by the way, was graded C.) But when the assessor is expected merely to grade the product he/she will keep such insights to him or herself.
  4. It is a fact that the written essay - usually of 400 to 500 words long - has dominated the English language and literature curriculum for many years because it has been seen as the main vehicle for the transmission of knowledge in written examinations.
  5. Robert Schore's article printed in the first edition has been edited leaving only his case examples to save duplication of the information which is now in a more expanded form in John Tomlinson's essay.
  6. And Goldberg, on his pad: If the fool had ever bothered to read what I have written on the subject in the essay on aura and the hour he would not have flailed about as he does here.
  7. A representative and influential attempt was made by Plekhanov in his essay, The Role of the Individual in History , where he considers what effect the characters of prominent people such as kings and statesmen have on the course of events.
  8. In a heady essay written over thirty years ago, Giorgio de Santillana argued that some of the key ideas of the Scientific Renaissance were to be traced to developments in the arts.
  9. Mr Dixon, friend of Mrs Murphy and conductor, in his spare time, of the amateur orchestra, had accidentally launched Hank on his writing career a few years earlier by encouraging him to enter an essay competition sponsored by a service club.
  10. The evidence is disjointed and sometimes even contradictory, but the essay is an attempt to make sense of aspects of human behaviour in industrial enterprises and to formulate some working hypotheses.
  11. Leapor's "Essay on Friendship" ends with a surprisingly modest claim: " our chief Task is seldom to offend, / And Life's great Blessing a well-chosen Friend" ML, 1, 80.
  12. This essay will take up the theme of dominant ideologies and local communities as a part of the wider methodological problem of how we, as anthropologists, consider the nature of the relationship between the communities we study and the wider world they inhabit.
  13. He was the author of several political histories, President of the Society of Antiquaries, the founder of a prize for a historical essay at Oxford, and shortly before the competition he had persuaded the Government to take the first steps towards setting up the National Portrait Gallery.

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