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эссеист ; очеркист


  1. Anthony Minghella is in conversation with David Edgar (playwright, dramatist and essayist).
  2. One significant external event which placed the attraction of a literary career before the young essayist was the minister's decision to introduce Mr and Mrs Philip Henry Thomas to the family of James Ashcroft Noble, the critic and journalist.
  3. The essayist and physician Havelock Ellis once suggested that thieves might be recognised by their low-lying ears and small heads.
  4. The paper praised Biograph for "having opened up a new vein for motion picture subjects", argued that "no orator, no editorial writer, no essayist could so strongly and effectively present the thoughts that are conveyed in this picture", and concluded that it was "another demonstration of the force and power of motion pictures as a means of conveying ideas".
  5. He was a fine writer, essayist and philosopher who wrote The Tragic Sense of Life and who was persecuted by Franco and put under house arrest by Primo de Rivera because of his liberal views expressed fearlessly while he was the Rector of the University.
  6. The essayist Francis Bacon wrote, If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties."
  7. The 23 bedrooms are named after former residents of Frith Street: the 18th-century essayist and hotel's namesake William Hazlitt; Charles Lamb; and Jonathan Swift.
  8. Memorable especially are the Victorian rectitude of her mother's grandfather, a public-spirited and popular governor of Hainaut and the introverted idealism of his nephew, Octave Pirmez, still regarded as the most distinguished Belgian essayist of his time; and Remo, whose anguished pursuit of justice and truth through Germany and Greece ended with his sublime and absurd suicide listening to Tannhauser on his musical box.
  9. William Hazlitt, the essayist, grew up here.
  10. The essayist and poet Sir Richard Steel had a poor opinion of undertakers, writing in 1702:
  11. "The journalist" the Baptist James Owen declared in 1890, "the reviewer, the historian, the essayist have assumed the sceptre which the teacher in the pulpit long ago wielded."
  12. Beyond it, to the east, was a meadow, thick with fritillaries in spring and surrounded by a wooded path, known (after the essayist and moralist who was a fellow of the College in the early eighteenth century) as Addison's Walk.
  13. CD modelled the character on his friend, the poet and essayist, Leigh Hunt (1784-;1859), but sought to tone down the resemblances between the character and its original in the MS and proofs of the novel, changing his name, for example, from Leonard Horner to Harold Skimpole.

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