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Перевод: essence speek essence

сущность ; существо; существование; эссенция ; экстракт ; духи ; аромат ; бензин


  1. Joy and delight is part of the essence of life and it is there in the depths of the soul waiting to be found.
  2. The Soviet Ambassador to the UN, Mr Alexander Belonogov called the intervention "international terror against a small and in essence defenceless state".
  3. When choosing an essence to help an emotional state, it is important to be guided by your aroma preference.
  4. Cream marge and sugar, blend in egg and vanilla essence.
  5. The fight against censorship is based on the defence of intellectual freedom, which has always been the essence of the profession of librarianship.
  6. The essence of government intervention has been to limit and distort competition rather than to encourage it, to the detriment of the poorer areas.
  7. The essence, or form, of a species accounts for the properties of that species, and a definition of it provides the means of demonstrating that the species does have those properties, and why it has them.
  8. In essence, a new unincorporated business will pay tax in the tax year in which its first accounting period ends (rather than the year in which it commences trade under the present system), but will pay tax on at least a full year's profit in the tax year in which it ceases to trade.
  9. The very essence of the word "belief" is that it is a conclusion based upon thought and experience but one which cannot be irrefutably proved.
  10. The clock's designer would know the details of its real essence whereas, says Locke, none of us know the real essence of gold.
  11. Though all triangles have angles equal to two right angles, having this is no part of their essence or definition.
  12. Yet movement is the very essence of being human and of the human condition which policing sets out to nullify.
  13. But the true essence of the art is not observed by the tourist.

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