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Перевод: essential speek essential

необходимый; составляющий сущность; основной; неотъемлемый; существенный; весьма важный; ценный;
сущность ; неотъемлемая часть; неотъемлемость ; предметы первой необходимости


  1. His belief that solidity is an essential part of body was shared with others, such as Boyle and Newton.
  2. All the time during each turn it is essential to have a plan for the worst contingency and to know exactly what you would do if you suddenly lost 200 feet.
  3. But the Hui was essential to the orderly running of the ASP contests.
  4. The combination seems to point to some underlying form of "essential history" of which each individual provides his variant but which can only be hinted at, not revealed, because when the voices join across time they never quite marry, though their coming together is an attempt to generate something which like a collective emotion is necessarily felt as something more than the experience of the individual, as something dominant and external'.
  5. He acknowledged that it is essential to maintain the balance between basic research and commissioned research.
  6. Software programmes for desk-top publishing, word processing, accounting and business planning are also essential.
  7. A top dressing of grit, though not essential, will show them off and avoid soil splashes on their delicate petals.
  8. He had the look of an old man waiting outside the doctor's office in a paupers' hospital; sent for, rather than there by choice; content to wait; apathetic as to what the doctor would tell him, because good news no longer existed and bad news was no longer bad, but merely an essential ingredient of his condition.
  9. For an organic garden a pool is essential.
  10. Such changes may receive support from cabinet ministers and senior civil servants, but may also be accepted not from conviction but from necessity; nominal support is essential to ensure finance for a minimum quantity of imports.
  11. I find it to be an irritating reminder that the solid rail service taken for granted by this part of the country, the one that provides an essential lifeline spring, summer, autumn and winter, is eventually going to be lost to these seasonal theme-park trucks full of florid, truffle-guzzling lounge lizards.
  12. The essential feature of the mechanical clock missing from this interesting device was the "escapement".
  13. It was, understandably, the peace which was essential information for the descendants, for it influenced their present actions to some extent; and the solemnities were intended to impose themselves on the memory of the participants and witnesses and their children.

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