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Перевод: essentially speek essentially

по существу; существенным образом


  1. But essentially the APSP units have been slow to gain acceptance because both the method of their development (which offers choice and demands local initiative) and the philosophy of their content - so unequivocably enquiry based - demand radically new approaches.
  2. This is a derivation of the formal systems model, and is used in essentially the same way, ie as a checklist to ensure that the model of a procedure is well-formulated and all the necessary attributes are considered during the analysis.
  3. Essentially, it's all a tax-dodge.
  4. The key objectives of the DHSS are essentially:
  5. for instance, Michael Oakeshott, in his essay "Education: the Engagement and its frustrations", maintained that true education was essentially unconcerned with anything outside itself: "It is an intrinsic good.
  6. Two of them favoured refugees; their conditions of work had to be at least as good as those offered to British workers, and their employers had to provide real training as opposed to handing out menial jobs to what was essentially cheap labour.
  7. This view involves an updating of what is essentially a Brechtian formulation: self-consciousness in formal terms will induce a socio-political prise de conscience on the part of the audience/readership, making it hostile to repressive ideological discourses.
  8. It possessed a sense of communitas that was essentially perceived as being dangerous to structure:
  9. Essentially, in the world of "brass tacks" what connects the kingdom of the bamboo and the city of London are eggs.
  10. Although Far from the Madding Crowd (1967), which seldom got beyond being a plodding, picturesque illustration of Thomas Hardy's novel, failed to make an impact in the USA, Picker somehow had confidence that the cultured, softly-spoken, bald 42-year-old Englishman would be able to make a good job of the essentially New York story of Midnight Cowboy .
  11. He was now essentially unemployed, scraping a living on part-time tutoring, dogsbodying for Blackadder and some restaurant dishwashing.
  12. It was essentially confined to our division.
  13. (1983), that practice is essentially similar across organizationally differing settings, which make little impact.

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