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  1. In 1732 Lord Petre moved to Thorndon Hall, also in Essex, where he created one of the most ambitious estates in the country.
  2. Professor Rhys, of Cardiff Business School, points out that the Essex plant is in an area of low unemployment and that the same could not be said of the other big plants.
  3. Gooch and Pringle then added 113 for the seventh wicket and Neil Foster gave good support to remove all fears of an Essex follow-on.
  4. Anthony King is Professor of Government at Essex University.
  5. At the Essex Forest Eyre held at Waltham Holy Cross in 1489, juries attended only from the hundreds of Becontree and Waltham Holy Cross and the half hundred of Waltham, plus four men and the reeve from only seventeen forest townships, all in the south-western corner of Essex: that is to say, the forest of Essex had been reduced, roughly speaking, to the bounds laid down by the hotly contested perambulations of 1300.
  6. For Essex there have been few such problems, and his batting has been, after Keith Fletcher's captaincy, probably the chief reason for their successes.
  7. At the Essex Forest Eyre of 1277 it was presented that Alexander Not of Havering had entered the Abbess of Barking's wood and felled an oak.
  8. circa 1810 FOREST HOUSE Chigwell ESSEX
  9. Another purpose, as expressed in the 1949-;50 report, was "to act as a link between the Essex branches and the Eastern District".
  10. In Gooch's absence Garnham opened the Essex innings with Prichard.
  11. It had been in Essex that, out of discontent with sitting at home, Leslie had requested a posting abroad; and it was somehow appropriate that it was with the men of Essex that he should have ended the North African campaign.
  12. Visitors to Ingatestone, one of the few houses in Essex to boast original mullioned windows, should watch out for Siddy the green parrot, who flaps around the garden performing his imitation of a ringing telephone.
  13. With this re-alignment, Cheshunt, Barnet, Southend and Watford became part of the London District, with Chelmsford in Essex and the rest of Hertfordshire remaining within the District.

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