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Перевод: establish speek establish

основывать; учреждать; создавать; устанавливать; установить; упрочивать; укреплять; заложить; устраивать; устроить; вселить; заводить; завести; заключать (контракт); доказывать; юридически доказать


  1. I think your difficulty arises from the fact that if you choose someone who's alive, they'll deny it, and if you indicate that it was Dr Wetherby, whose bedroom on my plan is next door to yours, you immediately establish a connection with him which will interest us.
  2. Later, true haustorial cells push through the prehaustorial cells, grow through the host and eventually establish contact with the host's food-conducting tubes.
  3. Loss of confidence in herself: (i) self-blame concerning breakup of relationship; (ii) unsure about ability to establish another relationship; (iii) feelings of having let her parents down (6 months).
  4. The SDA has the additional facility to make loans, provide equity investment and establish a range of business services (Gulliver, 1984).
  5. It takes a few weeks to establish in the tank before it begins to grow.
  6. The idea is that they feed the other side with what appears to be genuine material so as to establish their credibility and then the other side asks them to do things for them on their own home ground.
  7. If we enter this relationship to work with you trying to find a way to bring back the kind of government that you want then we have to establish basic rules of order.
  8. To follow the close-up of the pre-headed letter, the first shot should show all the performers together to establish them in the setting.
  9. When Awlad Amira took control of the popular committees a few months later, ousting Mannaia from office, Umar al-Abairsh and his supporters alleged that they could have done so only with Tibbu support; they said only Awlad Amira, poor and unenterprising, would stoop so low to get their hands on the administration: Awlad Amira denied establish the truth of such allegations: Awlad Amira denied them, as they would; Tibbu pointed to their political inactivity, their poverty and lack of numbers, and their peacefulness (except under provocation), suggesting that Mannaia were scarcely dispassionate when they talked about the results of elections.
  10. We will establish regional technology transfer centres to bring together the resources of industry, colleges, and government labs.
  11. In eight out of ten catchments the report's authors calculated that the immediate cost of water treatment or blending was less than the "local cost" of farming measures, but, once Exchequer savings from reduced agricultural production were included (i.e. savings in public grants and subsidies paid to farmers to produce crops), in most cases it was cheaper to establish protection zones with curbs on farming than to treat the polluted water.
  12. For instance, Susanne Langer, in most of her writing on Aesthetics has been concerned to establish that emotion expressed through Art is derived from but is not the same as that felt in real life.
  13. This plan came to grief, however, when Waters, in an attempt to establish friendly relations, gave a prospective producer a copy of one of his books, which showed the idiosyncratic director palling up with one of Charles Manson's gang - a gesture which was in even worse taste than it might sound, as the producer proved to have been a good friend of one of the gang's victims.

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