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Перевод: established

установленный; упрочившийся; укоренившийся; официально учрежденный; официальный; авторитетный; признанный; акклиматизировавшийся


  1. His long reflection on the divine ordering of the universe did not extend to principles of political organization, and certainly not to opposition to the established order.
  2. It has been established that a great rise took place in the English population in the eighteenth century; but its causes are still controversial.
  3. Whether the principle of stability can be extended beyond the spatial domain in relation to the structure of memory within mental models remains to be established.
  4. Donna was clearly established as the wittering Bricknells' besotted daughter, with Raoul obviously Mavis's favourite, and Pierre despised as a no-good compulsive gambler.
  5. Why should Andropulos be an exception to what appears to be a fairly well established rule?"
  6. They established it would take five derelict wrecks to build up one flyable aircraft and its reliability would no doubt be poor.
  7. In contrast to the established systems which simply distribute torque equally between the front and rear wheels, our good engineers have made sure that power on the Carrera 4 is delivered 31% to the front wheels and 69% to the rear.
  8. Could a Council be established which could cope with the demands made upon it by a multitude of members?
  9. Established interior designers and curtain specialists giving personal attention to detail and high standard of finish (with own workshop on site).
  10. When the basic flow is established, the light can be allowed to sparkle, dance, or be steady, glowing, smooth or rippling, according to the music that is being expressed.
  11. The mechanism for the maintenance of this functional integrity is yet to be established, but presumably would involve platelet adhesion to the endothelium.
  12. In political matters, he had acquiesced in the practices which he found established in England, notably antagonistic though they were to the libertas ecclesiae in the Gregorian sense of this phrase.
  13. Then, having established a fairly exact area, the next step is to turn down the receiver volume so that you are able to pinpoint the precise spot where the receiver is immediately above the ferret.

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