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Перевод: establishment speek establishment

установление; основание; учреждение; введение; заведение; ведомство; хозяйство; семья ; дом ; государственная церковь; истеблишмент ; штат


  1. The latter did lead to the establishment of classes for deaf children, but because the provision of this education was not compulsory, many local school boards evaded their responsibilities and pleaded poverty.
  2. Ahead now reared the dark mass of the main keep of the establishment, wherein would surely be found Balliol and his close associates.
  3. The establishment of relatively uniform statutory procedures is particularly important in view of the wide disparities between individual schools in their policies on the sanction of exclusion.
  4. With the support of Shearman, District Chairman until 1936 when he was appointed as National Education Officer for the WEA, Jacques turned his attention to seeking co-operative relationships with LEAs who were beginning to expand provision of adult education through the establishment of evening institutes, mostly accommodated in secondary schools.
  5. It's not who you know: Tom Arnold on the new gap between the Establishment and the Tory party
  6. Specifically, it's linked to names such as La Mre Saguet - who fed Balzac, Dumas, Delacroix and half the literary and artistic establishment of the early 19th century.
  7. An important feature was the establishment of specific aircraft performance requirements, that is to say the ability of an aircraft to be able to take off in given circumstances within a specified distance and also to come to a stop after landing in not more than a specified length of runway.
  8. At that time, powerful support for the establishment of a veterinary college came from Arthur Young, FRS (1741-;1820), the younger son of the rector of Bradfield, Suffolk (Speaker Onslow's chaplain).
  9. He used his influence to favour a contemporary of Keeton's, of comparable mettle, but more predictable in terms of the expectations of a liberal-conservative establishment.
  10. Economic and monetary union including the establishment of an independent European Central Bank and a single European currency.
  11. Like the FAOR Field Trial (Chapt 10) it took place in an establishment that was under the control of a Social Services Department.
  12. Sadly, it has been our experience in the past that the most specialised work carried out at the Atomic Weapons Establishment leads scientists into a cul-de-sac of research that has little, or no, relevance to science as practised in civilian life
  13. Punch , whose influence was considerable as the journalistic entertainer of the Establishment, in praising the Duke and Stanley for their initiative, used the occasion to deplore the Church of England's preoccupation with ritualism:

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