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Перевод: estate speek estate

поместье; имение; имущество; площадка жилой застройки; площадка промышленной застройки; сословие; положение


  1. All this could be done by giving a life estate to the head of the family; with the remainder to his sons successively in tail-male, with remainder to the daughters in tail, subject to a rentcharge in favour of the life tenant's widow upon his death, and in favour of any other persons desired to be benefited; and with power to the trustees to create long leases in the property for the purpose of charging the lease in order to provide portions for younger sons and daughters who did not inherit the land.
  2. His blue Volvo estate was unlocked nearby.
  3. The latest moves followed the collapse of Prince Charles's initiative to persuade the Crown Estate to purchase Mar Lodge.
  4. Office of the Ombudsman for Corporate Estate Agents, PO Box 1114, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 1YQ. 0722 333306
  5. The first house Jane looked at was moated and she was shown over by an ex-policeman who seemed happy to be working for an estate agent.
  6. Marie followed the bus route to where she had seen Simon with his mother and father coming out of the private estate in their car.
  7. During that time three solicitors were, he alleges, unlawfully granted powers to administer the estate.
  8. Unfortunately, the 1989 will was drafted and signed without making any appointment of the income from her father's estate.
  9. I found myself in a grey council estate that faced the river.
  10. The estate is criticised for lacking ecological expertise, being undemocratic and largely unaccountable.
  11. For example, incomers are differentiated by age, by sex, according to occupational prestige (pilots stand above engineers and air-traffic controllers), and according to place of residence (estate dwellers are supposed to stand apart as more distant from those who live interspersed with Shetlanders).
  12. Where part of the estate consisted of a "matrimonial home", i.e. a house in which the surviving spouse was resident at the time of the death, the spouse may normally require the representatives to appropriate the deceased's interest in the house in or towards the satisfaction of his or her absolute interest in the estate.
  13. When Helena Levy died earlier this year the Trust was delighted to find that this generosity had extended to leaving seven-eighths of her estate to the Trust - a sum likely to amount to nearly 5 million.

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