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Перевод: esteem speek esteem

уважение; почтение; оценка ;
уважать; почитать; считать; давать оценку; рассматривать


  1. Various bodies in Manufacturing Industry are working themselves into one of their regular lathers about the supposed low social esteem bestowed upon engineers and engineering.
  2. Much rests on cross-curricular elements, but unless enmeshed as an integral part of the overall curriculum, assessment and testing systems which will give them parity of esteem with other elements, they are likely to be ignored, or to remain peripheral.
  3. Although there is parity of esteem among academic subjects, and dog is careful not to eat dog, at least in public, a scientific model of knowledge has, I believe, come to dominate the modern academy, and to affect attitudes to and within humanistic learning.
  4. "What we need, if we are to achieve better schools, is better teachers: teachers with a sense of vocation, a sense of responsibility and a sense of esteem; teachers who feel, in the fashionable jargon of management, that they "own the job'".
  5. What was done to achieve this elusive parity of esteem which was required if the new schools were to be acceptable to parents and pupils?
  6. In the sixties, the universities acquired a public esteem unique in British history.
  7. He fears motorists are no longer held in high esteem and it was time the Government took steps to limit the amount of damages payable after a traffic accident, otherwise there would soon be no motorists left.
  8. Dudley was recalled in 1587, and, despite his abysmal failures, was held in high esteem at court once again.
  9. Even the spiritual values of life are held in little esteem.
  10. Now that the causal effect of such life events has been established, the research effort is turning to ask how an event such as unemployment has its effect: is it through the loss of social esteem, through the decline of self-evaluation and self-esteem, through lack of cash or through the sheer effect of inactivity (Eales 1986)?
  11. Standing in determined opposition to him was G. G. Williams who, anticipating many of the protests of the 1960s (and later), objected that "the parity of esteem is purchased at the expense of the grammar school".
  12. The capacity to form a concept of one's own identity and a process of comparison allowing an estimation of one's esteem among one's fellows that affects one's view of oneself are central features of humanity.
  13. In a world where money and material reward are held in far higher esteem than quality of life, their response will be predictable.

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