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Перевод: estimable speek estimable

достойный уважения; ценный


  1. "What about the estimable Miss Hildred, in Dorset?
  2. The estimable Anderson spoke half-truths as his friend and fellow bag-carrier, Billy Gunn, now explained as he sat on a green caddies' bench and waited for the call to duty.
  3. However, as only the bottom two-thirds can fit into one of Corby's otherwise estimable machines, the area from the crotch up should be baggy and creased.
  4. After a few minutes, she was shown into that estimable if forbidding woman's presence.
  5. The soloist throughout is the estimable Norbert Kraft, and this label's predilection for Canadian ensembles introduces us this time to the Winnipeg SO under Kazuhiro Koizumi.
  6. If I decide to work through from, say, six to ten, the blessed Chinese and the estimable Indians will be open.
  7. When I inform him that I read recently how the estimable gentleman had found the Lord and was living in a Salvation Army hostel in Grimsby, he wonders aloud whether the vodka and orange was not partly to blame.
  8. Flip over and you'll find equally impressive tunes from Liberty City and Interceptor patiently waiting to be tried and tested, both estimable club-friendly giants sleepwalking through Deep House style lobbies and thoroughly warranting as much attention as "Reach Me".
  9. It therefore afforded a fair degree of personal relief, not to say pleasure, to see Shahid follow a career-best 132 against Kent with an equally estimable against Glamorgan, even if Nick Knight, with whom he has been competing since schooldays, has continued to get the nod when the side is at full strength.
  10. Hard on the heels of an Amon Ra disc of music for mandolin comes this much cheaper Tuxedo reissue (1978 recordings) of more modern repertoire for the instrument; they share only two Mozart settings for voice (in this recording that of the estimable Kurt Equiluz) and mandolin, here with the rather shy obbligato lute (as far as my ears can make out).
  11. Products range from the truly estimable and inspired to the merely pretty and, sometimes, meretricious.
  12. The morally estimable act of exposing to us the worst in ourselves nearly always has something morally equivocal about it.
  13. After some hesitation the estimable Puchberg responded to Mozart's appeal, and Constanze was dispatched to take a cure at Baden, a spa about 17 miles south of Vienna.

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