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Перевод: estimate speek estimate

оценка ; смета ; калькуляция ; исчисление; наметка ;
оценивать; давать оценку; ценить; составлять смету; подсчитывать приблизительно; прикидывать


  1. Nor should the novelty be exaggerated of abolitionists advancing petitions from a relatively popular base and on grounds of the general interest in 1788 - relatively popular because calculation from Drescher's estimate of 60,000 signatures in 1788 suggests an average of 600 signatures per petition and, with Manchester producing 10,639, some were clearly much smaller than the average.
  2. Although less well-educated people, poor people and black people in the States are still markedly less familiar with APRs, at least one in three of them have now learned to estimate reasonably accurately what the APR is on their own credit arrangements.
  3. This was bought-in at 6 million at Christie's on 15 April, largely because the estimate was considered to be too high for what one expert commented was "an early, dark, Leyden-period picture, which is at variance with what people want and expect in Rembrandt.
  4. A rough estimate of his total annual income would be about 30, the sort of sum which curates received and complained of.
  5. In 1991, Jan Mitchell gave the Metropolitan Museum of Art a hoard of Pre-Columbian gold from Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador that experts estimate to be worth more than 3 million.
  6. By simplifying France's ridiculously complex social-security arrangements, which encompass (on one estimate) 538 distinct systems, he could make their cost more transparent and thus easier to control.
  7. The CEGB's central assumption that coal prices will rise at under 2 per cent per annum does not, however, seem an unreasonable estimate.
  8. The major advantage of this method is that it does not depend on the calculation of MNI, which at best is an unreliable estimate of the true numbers of individuals in a sample.
  9. Incentive travel is now huge business: the most recently available figures estimate it to be worth over 2 billion yearly in the US and about 400 million yearly in the UK.
  10. It estimates the number of jobs lost due to improved productivity through the use of microelectronics and then deducts from these losses an estimate of the jobs gained through increased competitiveness and new markets opened up through the use of microelectronics.
  11. Bookmakers estimate that 15 million people will wager more than 55million on the race, with any thoughts of the current recession being quickly forgotten.
  12. An estimate of numbers was impossible in the few seconds available at the pause, but on the return journey, about an hour later, something had awakened them and a most spectacular aerial display was in progress - the two species had reacted differently to whatever had disturbed their siesta - the lapwing wheeling erratically just above ground level, but the "goldies" in ever-changing smoke-like clouds high above, performing quick-change evolutions reminiscent of starlings going to roost.
  13. I first noticed its behaviour (independently!) in 1936, when I was making an estimate of the brightness of Shedir, and found that Gamma had brightened appreciably from its catalogue magnitude of 2.2.

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