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Перевод: estimated

предполагаемый; предположительный; планируемый; плановый


  1. It has been estimated that these subsistence farmers are globally responsible for half of all rainforest destruction, as they march deeper and deeper into virgin forest.
  2. The value of the deal is estimated at 12m to 16m; the company, which employs about 100 people and was founded in 1984, made its fortune with the Lemmings series of games, and saw sales rise nearly 40% to 6.8m in the year to July 1992, and is forecasting 1.5m pro fit on 12m sales this fiscal year.
  3. Originally estimated to cost 30 million, the ship was budgeted at 40.8 million and wound up costing 42.7 million.
  4. The Collector waited until he estimated their distance at two hundred yards and shouted: Fire!
  5. Tajan, who estimated the 2,000-lot sale would have been a success at anything over FFr15 million, described the final result as "satisfactory".
  6. In 1971 money growth rose to 113 per cent; in 1972 to 152 per cent, and the estimated figure for 1973, before the collapse of the government, was between 450 and 500 per cent.
  7. It is estimated that business travel (both national and international) accounted for 750 million trips worldwide in 1989 and was probably worth about 320 billion.
  8. It has been attributed to the ivory-carver of the Crucifixion relief on the book-cover of the abbess Theophanu of Essen and is estimated to sell for 200-;300,000 (360-;540,000).
  9. the chronological position of the Anglo-Saxon antiquities has been estimated partly from the typological characteristics of the material and from the occurrence of the various objects in closed finds in association with other objects, partly from datable coins.
  10. And while the teenage millions may be breathing a sigh of relief at Jason Donovan's deliverance, the implications of the verdict were greeted with less satisfaction by the homosexual millions - variously estimated at anything from one in 100 to one in 10 of the male population of this country.
  11. The estimated requirement for an increase in the resources devoted to priority services, which would be necessary to fund this strategy, was put at 10 million per annum in revenue terms and 62 million in capital.
  12. They also reduce land loss, since it is estimated that channels with 50 per cent tree and shrub cover on both banks require only approximately half the width for a given volume of bankfull flood-water speeding through the channel, compared to treeless brooks which erode out into the adjacent fields.
  13. According to the UN's World Food Programme, twice as many people as originally estimated will need emergency food aid in 1990.

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