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Перевод: estimates

проект государственного бюджета по расходам


  1. The Retirement Care Group, a company which specialises in managing retirement schemes, estimates that more than 4,000 sheltered properties are on the market and that builders have cut their original forecast of 12,000 units built this year back to about 8,000 as a result.
  2. Most lots sold for around their estimates.
  3. The public inquiry into the expansion of the Windscale nuclear reprocessing factory gave the anti-nuclear movement the impetus it needed not only to challenge the official estimates of risks, but also to question repeatedly the idea that the simplistic estimation of the numerical size of a risk should govern its regulation.
  4. Biased estimates of variation in reproductive success may also cause the effects of particular phenotypic traits on reproductive success to be overestimated.
  5. The bank estimates that its purchasing-power parity (ie, the exchange rate which would equate the prices of a similar basket of goods and services in the two countries concerned) is 203 (its current rate is 132) and DM2.25 (DM1.49).
  6. According to estimates by Salomon Brothers, an investment bank, during four earlier credit crunches (in 1966, 1969-;70, 1973-;74 and 1980-;81) this ratio was never more than 100%.
  7. AMERICA "Latest estimates show that by the year 2010, the USA will be a Japanese-owned country speaking Spanish.
  8. Estimates of the uncounted unemployed are provided up to 1981 by the annual General Household Survey .
  9. The union estimates that local education authorities had to find an additional 7m, as well as awarding 8,400 fewer classroom teacher incentive allowances, to meet the cost of incentives for senior teachers.
  10. Quite sophisticated equipment and trained manpower is required to make reliable estimates.
  11. Preliminary estimates suggest that insurance claims could reach between 200 million and 300 million after taking into account the damage to buildings, the cost of reconstruction and loss of business both in the City and at Staples Corner.
  12. Point estimates of aquifer recharge can be made from single profiles, and several profiles may be used together to determine regional recharge.
  13. In this paper it is possible to expand on the subjects of vertical maturity profiles and inversion estimates based on new interpretations drawn from a suite of good quality vitrinite reflectance measurements for over 60 wells in the Southern North Sea Basin.

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