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Перевод: estimation speek estimation

оценка ; суждение; мнение; уважение; расчет ; подсчет ; вычисление; определение глазомером; прикидка


  1. Comprising 250 lots and with a global estimation of around FFr4 million, the mirror collection was started by Anlen shortly after he arrived in France in 1958, a virtually penniless refugee.
  2. On the morning of 17th September I went to see U Tin Tut to get his estimation of the situation.
  3. She shared her husband's estimation of the value of good books and gave hundreds away.
  4. Constable Quince was new to the job and, in Bramble's estimation, unsuited for it.
  5. And I did not "warn" for the simple reason that I radically differed and differ from comrade Preobrazhensky in my estimation of his article: he does lay claim to the above mentioned analysis, but in my opinion there is absolutely n o analysis itself.
  6. Jack, 29, had proved a hard bargainer himself - which raised him even higher in Chapman's estimation.
  7. The ring of arteries seemed so tiny and vulnerable in his estimation, considering the extreme importance of their function.
  8. This leads to biases in estimation of GNP when the official exchange rate over- or under-values that country's currency.
  9. Rock mechanical property computations, estimation of in-situ stress directions and fracture detection completed the study.
  10. Then there is a group of more technical reasons which make statistical modelling and extrapolation more difficult, and inhibit attempts to overcome a shortage of resources for direct measurement by statistical estimation of soil losses.
  11. The estimation of glutathione in whole blood and plasma by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection is one of many examples detailed in this book.
  12. How men in high place, and authority Are in their lives and estimation wrong'd By their subordinate Ministers? yet such They cannot but imploy (iv.
  13. With his characteristic candour, James accepts his share of the blame and, knowing Susy, I think his estimation valid.

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