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Перевод: estrange speek estrange

отдалять; отстранять; отчуждать; делать чуждым; разобщать


  1. As recognised by Scrutton LJ in L Estrange v Graucob there are limitations to the signature rule.
  2. Do you assume you have no Christian believers among your readers or are you deliberately seeking to insult and estrange them?
  3. Where the exclusion clause is embodied in a signed contract, the general rule is that the signatory is bound by the contents of the document regardless of whether he has read or understood them (L Estrange v Graucob Ltd 1934 2 KB 394) in the absence of the plea of non est factum (Saunders v Anglia Building Society 1971 AC 1004).
  4. In L Estrange v Graucob (1934 2 KB 394) Scrutton LJ said that When a document containing contractual terms is signed then, in the absence of fraud or, I will add, misrepresentation, the party signing it is bound, and it is wholly immaterial whether he has read the document or not.

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