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Перевод: estranged



  1. When Anna May Reese took a new lover her estranged husband was seized with murderous jealousy.
  2. Their friendship stands the test when Ruth's brutish estranged husband tries to kidnap her baby.
  3. Hull Crown Court heard his estranged wife Jackie was left covered in cuts and bruises and with two black eyes after being kicked and punched for three hours.
  4. "As king, Charles would also be head of the Church of England and it is debatable whether the public would want that status to be held by a man with an estranged wife.
  5. He had fallen in love with her when watching her play Shakespearian death scenes as Ophelia, Juliet and Desdemona; but after her retirement from the stage she took to drink, became estranged from her husband and died in 1854.
  6. In most cases the issue raises no problems, but estranged parents using the child to fight their bat ties or rebellious teenagers seeking recognition of their maturity and autonomy against over-protective or interventionist parents may see it as an important issue of principle.
  7. A JILTED husband stole a plane and dive-bombed his estranged wife's home.
  8. I would like to extend this idea and suggest that in larger homes there are likely to be groups of residents with particular needs requiring appropriate provision, such as those with severe physical disability, considerable mental infirmity, ethnic minority elders more estranged than usual in a residential environment, and those who are terminally ill or dying.
  9. A MAN killed his estranged wife, their two young daughters and his mother and father-in-law before turning his gun on himself.
  10. Both these churches were remote and estranged.
  11. The same phrase had been translated and mordantly placed by Dante in Canto XXX of the Purgatorio ; and so, when Hardy in these poems confronts the shade of his recently deceased and estranged wife Emma, not only does Aeneas in Aeneid 6 confront the reproachfully haughty ghost of Dido, but Dante's pilgrim confronts for the first time the shade or apparition of his lost Beatrice.
  12. This might be because they were estranged in some way before the person's death or because they resent the person dying and leaving them to cope.
  13. The boy lives with his aunt but his mother, who is estranged from Luke's father, often has him to stay for a couple of days.

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