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Перевод: estrangement speek estrangement

отдаление; охлаждение; отрыв ; разрыв ; разобщение; разобщенность ; отчужденность ; отчуждение; холодок


  1. It is impossible to imagine their ever retaking control, but at a philosophical level the estrangement of the party from some of the old landed values still seems more a separation than a divorce.
  2. This estrangement is a very great evil, and a very great obstacle in the struggle against the autocracy, and we must not legitimize this evil or sanctify this outrageous state of affairs by establishing any such "principles" as separate parties or a "federation" of parties.
  3. Divisions must be eliminated for they would institutionalize estrangement.
  4. What he really wants is a business of the inside and outside of his head, in this case of his "alone" juxtaposed with the authorial "loneliness and estrangement": a rich relationship, not a flat contradiction or dead end, a relationship which evokes and nurses a distinction established as far back as The Double , between false solitude ("loneliness and estrangement") and true solitude which is the obverse of true society and meaningless without it.
  5. Lenin was willing to make concessions, but not on the centralized unity of the party - "we must not weaken the force of our offensive by breaking into numerous independent political parties; we must not introduce estrangement and isolation and then have to heal an artificially implanted disease with the aid of these notorious "federal", plasters".
  6. Leslie's first letter to me after our estrangement was written on 23 January 1943, the day Tripoli fell, and three months to the day after the second Battle of Alamein had begun.
  7. I am sure that if we could have met, all estrangement would have vanished instantly; but, having to rely on the written word (and that in the cramped space of air-letters which took so long to come and go), and missing expression of face and tone of voice, to which we were both very sensitive, we kept up our guard for a time.
  8. The republic's long estrangement from the six counties of the north was never meant to be.
  9. Amid the tumult of Tiananmen Square, the end of 30 years' estrangement between the world's great Communist powers went almost forgotten.
  10. The accursed history of autocracy has left us a legacy of tremendous estrangement between the working classes of the various nationalities oppressed by that autocracy.
  11. I remembered so painfully the anguish of estrangement, and I felt I could not take the risk of spoiling our amity, nor of living with memories of discord, should he be killed.
  12. Where congestion made this impossible, the estrangement was severely felt.

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