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Перевод: estuary speek estuary

устье реки; эстуарий ; дельта ; морской рукав


  1. The gas fields of the Ems estuary are associated with values of 1.0-;1.5% Rm.
  2. Its wharf near Tower Bridge, London, was a terminus for steam-boats to or from towns situated in the Thames estuary.
  3. Later, new ports were developed at Sunderland Point and Glasson for larger ships than could negotiate the estuary as far as Lancaster itself.
  4. Nature can control the complex chemistry of life in an estuary.
  5. It was cold and the Estuary was no longer sparkling blue: it was an opaque, sullen grey.
  6. The water rises 12 metres as the tide is forced into the funnel of the Severn estuary and into the Avon river.
  7. If the bungalow on the clifftop is more your style, then Old Farm Bungalow at Pentire, near Newquay, perches high above the Cannel estuary, and includes 125 ft water frontage.
  8. She glanced down at him once, then shifted her gaze back out to the Estuary and the rising tide.
  9. The results confirm the importance of the estuary for shelduck and identify particularly sensitive areas for breeding.
  10. But the bay's defenders don't want to wait until their estuary is a disaster before they act.
  11. But no one wanted to buy Mountain Ash, their four-bedroom house with its panoramic view over the Ravenglass estuary, because of its contamination with plutonium.
  12. Tilbury to Foulness boat sport poor, only dabs and flounder for most anglers in the Thames estuary.
  13. Denis Healey once saved a fortune by rubbing out plans for an imaginary airport in the Thames estuary.

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