e ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en eo ep eq er es et eu ev ew ex ey

Перевод: ex speek ex

бывший муж ; бывший возлюбленный ; бывший президент ;
с; франко; без; от


  1. iXOS, founded in 1988 by Hans Strach Zimmerman (ex Siemens) and Eberhard Faerber (founder of PCS Computer Systems), is a privately-owned company that has been growing at a rate of 50% per year, employs 110 staff.
  2. Ex Hercules navigator Chris Betson, of King George's Avenue, Leiston, is dealing with the commercial aspects of the ambitious project.
  3. Thus, if the total award is large enough (say, reflecting three years' employment and loss of salary and contract benefits for that length of time), an ex gratia payment will not reduce your former employer's legal liability towards you at all.
  4. Derring do: Patrick and Jean Zimmer, gorgeous English speaking ex racing brothers from Alsace, will revolutionise your powder burn and your confidence on steep and deep in Val D'Isere, Top Ski:
  5. EX
  6. UK: C152 price ex VAT 21,300 fifteen per cent for same term, costing 6,354 per annum.
  7. Local authorities have no general power to make ex gratia payments, but may do so on the recommendation of the local government ombudsman.
  8. The week ended on an upbeat note with the exciting combination of black dub poet Benjamin Zephanian and Dillie Keane (ex Fascinating Aida), at Amnesty's Big Night Out.
  9. Failed to get into Sandhurst; failed to become a racing driver (behaves like one); spent vast sums on drugs; got married wearing Gucci snaffle-bit loafers; wrote pathetic letters to his ex Arabella Tait etc, etc
  10. If both NL and LD , or if both EX and CS , are switched on; only NL and EX respectively will show on the screen: both pairs of codes appear in the same places and NL and EX take priority if both are on.
  11. Furthermore, any reduction in respect of contributory fault should only be made after the ex gratia payment has been subtracted from the total gross award.
  12. Accompanying the choir are such musicians as the brilliant trumpeter Raul d'Olivera (ex Duke Ellington) and local, wellknown and well-loved jazz pianist Mark Edwards, who co-wrote the work, and talented saxophonist Julian Nicholas.
  13. The two most influential men in Bruges, the castellan and the dean of St Donatian's, ex officio chancellor of Flanders, were both members of a powerful new family, the Erembalds, which had risen from servile origins to prominence by the route of comital administrative service.

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