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Перевод: extinguished

потухший; погасший; погашенный


  1. Then we started forward slowly, and then faster, and the lights stopped flickering, and soon after that George appeared in his office looking grim, all chuckles extinguished.
  2. The oubreak of violence in March and China's subsequent military crackdown in Tibet seem to have extinguished even the faintest hopes of a negotiated settlement in the near future.
  3. From time to time our freedoms can be diminished, extinguished, or subjected to a variety of controls.
  4. Their willingness to grant ex-parte and interlocutory injunctions has meant that liberties are sometimes extinguished without proper adjudication, and on other occasions that their vindication has been crucially delayed (see the Zircon affair and the Spycatcher litigation in Chapter 5).
  5. The world would be a more stable and therefore a better place if we extinguished ourselves in the same place where we first saw the light of day, and if we spent the intervening time in as small a circumference as a day's walking permits.
  6. All the stars are extinguished, dead.
  7. It was also able to claim, with confidence, "how many frightful heresies have, within the last few years, run riot in many divers parts of the realm, but have now at last been checked by the providence of the all-good and Almighty God, the singular goodwill of princes, and the vigilance and zeal of the prelates for the Catholic faith, and seem almost extinguished."
  8. The crowd dispersed, and the oil-lamps were extinguished one by one.
  9. So it had come to her on the previous day, and came again now, the whiff, or stroke, of solitude, as her final hope for Patrick's life was extinguished.
  10. By now they were in the concert hall itself, shuffling into their seats to the accompaniment of the overture as the chandeliers beneath the vaulted ceiling were gradually extinguished.
  11. BUDAPEST - The Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, extinguished at the weekend by its congress, rose from the ashes yesterday in Budapest's communist heartland, the industrial district of Csepel, Imre Karacs writes.
  12. The sound of footsteps on the rickety staircase leading to her workroom made Theresa look up from her drawings, a small ray of hope that refused to be extinguished flickering to life.
  13. The reluctant courtier gave his master a look which would have extinguished any man with a less armour-plated ego.

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