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Перевод: fm.

морская сажень


  1. Policies with prefix letters PM or FM (Motor Car), MC (Motor Cycle) or CM (Commercial Vehicle - excluding policies numbered lower than 100,000) will qualify for a Special Discount of just under 6% where the policies have been in force continuously for at least three years when they are renewed during the year commencing 1st July 1981.
  2. Rhode Schwarz take space to congratulate EBU on "the great success achieved with RDS adding, not too disinterestedly, "the fact that our equipment is supporting RDS in more than a thousand FM radio stations worldwide makes us rather proud".
  3. Radios 2 and 3 have irrevocably lost listeners now that they have been squeezed on to FM only; so will Radio 1, which is to meet the same fate.
  4. "No FM patent - no financial benefit, 0.00," warned the Patent Office.
  5. They found it had not been modified in any way and could not operate on the 27-;28 MHz frequency (the FM Citizens' Band).
  6. For anyone on a long car journey, FM will never produce a solid clear path like the long-wave (LW) which carries Radio 4 the length and breadth of the land, up hill and down dale.
  7. He killed himself because he was literally sick to death of fighting some of the largest manufacturers of FM radios for the royalties they owed him.
  8. Carry On Up the Zeitgeist (Radio 4, FM, Friday mornings) is gentle, intelligent, connective.
  9. 152 FM Cup
  10. If they were starting again, the engineers would not do FM this way.
  11. 2 FM Cup
  12. Wrong number: FM radio earned Edwin Armstrong (inset) millions of dollars
  13. The truth about FM is that when it is good, it is very, very good; when it is bad, it is horrid.

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