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Перевод: former speek former

прежний; бывший; предшествующий; первый;
словолитчик ; составитель ; шаблон ; модель ; копир ; фасонный валок; фасонный резец; каркас катушки; вспомогательная нервюра


  1. In a published argument between Scholes and Hirsch, the former made the following statement, on the assumption that the conservative Hirsch would disagree with it:
  2. ROOTS WORLD MUSIC THE NORMAN COOK ROADSHOW The former Housemartin alongside The Real Sounds of Africa (suppliers of the Zimbabwean World Cup theme song), while, all around, graffiti artists spray and club DJs mix.
  3. All told, 10 backbenchers were brought into the Government, including Mr Alistair Burt (Bury North) who becomes junior minister at Social Security; Mr Steve Norris (Epping Forest), Parliamentary Private Secretary to the former Home Secretary, Mr Kenneth Baker, becomes Under-Secretary at the Transport Department; and Mr Gwylim Jones (Cardiff North) becomes Welsh Under-Secretary.
  4. The former Everton manager is swapping a reign in Spain for the pain of a reign at Maine.
  5. This was the work of Street's former master, George Gilbert Scott.
  6. Mr Badran, a former intelligence chief, has bowed to public pressure to bring in democratic reforms and investigate people blamed for the country's economic crisis.
  7. In 1987, Olivia Channon, 21, the daughter of former Transport Secretary Paul Channon, died after a drink and drugs party to celebrate the end of exam finals at Christchurch College.
  8. The ultimate answer used to be a move to the former East Germany, where some would-be subscribers had reportedly been waiting 23 years to have a telephone installed.
  9. Yesterday, McClelland appointed former Watford manager and England trainer Steve Harrison as his assistant.
  10. These were acknowledged publicly by no less a figure than a former Prime Minister, W.L. MacKenzie King, at the communal celebrations of Lyon's 60th birthday and his 35th anniversary of engagement in social interests, as well as those of his friend of many years (to whom Lyon Cohen had diverted the honour of being invited to be the Member of Parliament several years before), Sir Samuel W. Jacobs, KC: "Our friend finds himself today,", commented Jacobs, "the acknowledged leader of Jewry in Canada, a position acquired by years of self-denying effort respected by his own, and also by the larger community in which we dwell."
  11. Brian Hillier, former chairman of Swindon Town, had his 12-month sentence halved, allowing him to leave prison immediately.
  12. Sevastopol, one of the few remaining closed cities on former Soviet territory, with access restricted to permit holders, is not expensive by the hyper-inflated standards of Moscow and Kiev, but supplies are bad.
  13. A former musician himself, he was struck by their determined outlook.

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